Mission Statement

MojoJAMS TV - Live music, remote mobile recording was borne out of a
vision, desire and commitment to excellence in Video/Audio pre and
post-production services. Founded by a group of creative film and
sound professionals in Southern CA and located in San Bernardino
County, 90 miles East of Los Angeles, it combines the services and
collaboration of Son Shine Studios (video), Blue Dragon Studios
(audio) and Mindful Eye Music (publishing and Artist Repertoire).

From Large scale, full service audio/video production to intimate
club settings and individual artist DVDs, MojoJAMS TV offers a complete
suite of services including 2 to 5 Digital Video Camera on-location
shooting with 32 track HD ProTools state of the art Audio
reproduction complete with 5.1 Surround post production editing,
sweetening, mixing and mastering. Our extended A&R services can
assist with referral to CD & DVD manufacturing services and our
value- added production skills offer creative advice and direction to
our client Artists. MojoJAMS TV is committed to delivering the
highest quality reproduction of your live performance in a cost
effective total price package while ensuring our clients with
quality and artistic control over the project from pre-production
to final master. Additional services include all aspects
of studio recording with future services to involve live webcasting
of musical performances and multi-media broadcast events.

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